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Bestbeatsonline.com Pronunciation key (bts thr Lxv)
v. Hip hop beats, Bestbeatsonline.com, (bts thr Lxv) or Package of one thousand Beats, Instrumentals
v. tr.
The Website where you are right now supplies EVERY CUSTOMER with Hundreds of beats and access to every beat we make for the rest of their life.
2. One Bad-ass website that gives you a package or hot beats for one-low price, and produces custom beats on call for customers with requests.
3. The website of Champ Entertainment's star producer "NEBULA"
4. If you don't like the website, A: you haven't listened to the beats, B: done a genre search yet, C: Your browser is not working properly.
5. To type into a google search "Bestbeatsonline" and see 950 results
6. The hottest MUSIC/website for Hip Hop EVER!
Q: What is Bestbeatsonline.com? Answer: A Bad-ass website where you can download a package of over 300 beats and more over your lifetime.
A: Bestbeatsonline.com is the official site of CHAMP ENTERTAINMENT, -one of the best Hip Hop Labels in the world, producing numerous hit songs and scores. Nebula, the producer, has worked with EVERYONE and continues to work on major label projects all over the world. This site was created for all of the young artists in the world who want a good variety and selection of Hot Beats, production, sounds and industry listings. Bestbeatsonline.com is very easy to join, and extremely fulfilling.
YOU can DOWNLOAD as many of our tracks as you like, as many TIMES as you want, for a small, ONE-TIME payment. You will then get INSTANT ACCESS to our DATABASE which is here HUNDREDS of beats are in our database, with sounds and other valuable resources. No catch, no recurring fees and NO LIMITS!!! That is 1 cents a track. EVERY TRACK you have heard so far on this site, and HUNDREDS more are JUST AS HOT! -The BEATS are High-quality and UNTAGGED -(Without the girl's voice). Members of my site can also reach me 24-7 on my phone with AIM. We upload new tracks every week and add new resources every month. I'll say it again! -IT IS JUST A COUPLE BUCKS FOR THE WHOLE THING! -You don't have to pay for each beat. -You get all of them. I'll see you in the Database section.
Q: Can I use these beats on my album? What RIGHTS do I get?
A: ABSOLUTELY!!!!! When you sign up for a membership, you are licensing the beats on a non-exclusive basis, in fact you can also sell your the product that you make with them, Just make sure to print "Beats produced by NEBULA" on the back of the CD. When you get signed, you will probably be working with a new team of producers, But if you choose to still work with us -thanks!
Q: Who are the beats made by?
A: Producer NEBULA a.k.a Jamie Lewis of CHAMP ENTERTAINMENT, INC
Q: Are there any hidden fees? Are ther any costs after I pay the $29.95? How much does it cost?
A: NO HIDDEN FEES! -Sign up for a membership (which costs only $29.95), and download our beats forever. with absolutely no re-occurring charges!
Q: Do I get exclusive rights to these beats?
A: When you become a member, you are automatically given the right to alter our beats, and promote your new music, No one gets exclusive rights, so don't worry about your beat becoming restricted or anything like that, Just make sure make it clear on your mixtape or cd, NEBULA made the beat, and put on the CD "Beat produced by NEBULA in Large letters! We want everyone to get to know Nebula, so you are really doing us a favor by promoting his music!
Q: Are these beats UNTAGGED? (meaning is the girl's voice on top of them when I download them?
A: THESE BEATS ARE UNTAGGED!! When you purchase a membership with BestBeatsOnline you are given immediate access to the database, where you are presented with 7+ pages of professional high quality un-tagged rap beats, R&B Beats, Reggaeton Beats, and reggae beats. The girl's voice that you hear on the previews, when you first enter the site are only on the beats to protect them from beat-jackers and those commercial audio tags are not on the member's versions.
Q: Why are you giving your beats away for so cheap?
Because we sell memberships (units) worldwide even to people for listening purposes, and we make a living doing so. There are thousands of rappers and singers out there, and we would rather have a product that sells than a product that doesn't.
Q: do you have R&B beats? Do you have Reggaeton and dancehall beats?
A: Yes we have over 10 genres of hip hop, R&B, reggae, Dancehall and reggaeton beats, and we upload new beats every month.
Q: Do you have industry contacts? Can you help me get signed?
A: Yes, and we also upload new resources to the database every week.
Q: Can I pick and choose which beats I download?
A: Yes and feel free to contact NEBULA (a.k.a N1) by (CHAMPIONSTYLE) and I will help you find what you are looking for.
Q: How long are the beats and what format are they?
A: They are all around 3:30 minutes long, and high quality 192 kbps mp3's.
Q: What Equipment do you use to make the beats?
A: NEBULA uses a MacG5 workstation with Apple Logic Pro, Mach Five, Exs 24, a Yamaha Motif, Live Guitars, V-Drums, Acoustic Pearl Drums, Tobias Basses, Korg MS2000, Roland JP8000, MPC 4000 and 20 yrs experience.
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