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"Call Me "Jackson" (By DZK/Nebula) #1 out of 671,251 songs currently listed in HipHop)
"I only have till Jan 4th to get the money for school...so I didn't have time to make my own beats, and you have helped a c**p load!
Real good stuff man, keep it up!"
"very nice deal you have my friend
i just got my account for your site and I am lovin it! Its an amazing find.
when you get a chance check me and my freind out at xxxxx its all robbed beats but thats about to change very soon thanks to ur website"
"I love how versatile the site is for different styles of rappers. I love the superior quality sound u get from the beats when u load them into your mixer. Perfect site for anybody whos got skills but lacks the ability to make dope beats."
Fury- from 1st degree productions
"well i'm sure your on an insomniac beat making rampage or doing something of importance so ill leave you be. You give mc's with low funds a high motivation my friend"


Maan ,that 'The Deliverance' beat is just crazy, bangz hard as hell, keep it up man, you got talent for real. Also dont forget to check out my beats homie, return the favor. 1

"YO N1, came to see what you had cookin, i'm always ready for a home cooked N1 beat fo sure. We never got to chat the last times I hit you up, and you dropped by, but hopefully someday we can spend some time talkin about what we do best. Keep layin em down bro, you got endless potential, and much respect from DJ KB. We should colab on a track, it would be a hit fo sure. KEEP THAT FOCUS YOU GOT...YOUR SKILLZ ARE ALREADY ON TOP."
    come by my site, and drop an email, I still got Yahoo IM also playa.

"Yo what's up. It's Fieva from Hammerback Records. Good work I've heard on here man. It's all dope."
Heavyhitta Beats
"N i just wanted to letcha know i think he a really good thang by makin ur beat package so cheap u givin alotta us yung n****s a chance" -YoungN
"Feeling your beats. i dropped to that Begining joint, its called south side.... peep it"
"ayo whats good? just stop'd by to say, keep up the good work. errybody loves your beats around here. I'm from australia and for once there actually is a buzz around, from a lil' mixtape i released with your bangin' ass beats on it. keep it up"


"Yo..I became a member and I love the beats..I was practicing freestylin to it in the studio and I thought of a real catchy hook for it, so I made a song out of it..I was wonderin if it would b cool to put it up on my soundclick site and give yall props for the beat, and let everyone know how to get to your site and contact you...if that is a problem, I am willing to pay for the beat or maybe make a deal and buy a couple of beats from you. Holla back at me and let me know. Either write a message on my board or email me at frank.cannon@villanova.edu....I would love for you to here what i've done with the song and see if you like it..holla at me..Thanks"
The Epidemics
"Whats good man. That Creep up on ya track is nice man. Real simple but I could hear somebody spittin over over it easliy." Hotness.
SoulBoy Productions
GunRule138 (11:50:37 PM): "Ty man, very nice customer service. Appreciated bro."
"Man you got some talent keep it up im a producer as well ands its hardwork you mos def want to be rewarded for your stuff peace" j-cos
j - cos
"whatz good...yo..let me start by sayin...your tracks is fire..I deffinately appreciate the deal u givin me as  a customer..good look on that 4real!   check this...u got a track on your database thats straight crack!  I think its called "violent stomp". Id like to use this track for my single...its gonna be crazy." -Phil
"Whatz good wit you famz? Just comin thru 2 show you some luv on ya beatz n sh***...we need 2 do that collab feel me? I got a track wit Un Kasa (Purple City / Dipset affiliate) comin REAL soon titled "Stay Hood"...scream @ ya dude...NC all day"
Flame bka Young Vet August 3, 2005
"YO THAT sh*** IS HOT"
Blood Money Mafiaposted on Wed August 3, 2005
"Whut up homie, me and and my homeboy soulo justlaced that N1 beat and called it T 1000 metamorphosis, come peep it dog,,,that beat was dope homeboy thanks."
BUONAROTTI911 posted on Sat August 6, 2005
"Sup, DJ KB here... It makes me hella happy to have a producer of your caliber show me support. Much respect is given to your amazing production. I have enjoyed every track I have heard fo real. Your style is one of a kind, and sh*** this real is hard to ever find. I have bumped your work in the past also. You got it made. God Bless and I will hit you up soon, or vice a versa playa. These beats you have produced will make you immortal."
"Wusshappnin. Im feelin yo heat mane. Check mine out and leave me some feedback. It's black comin straight outa atlanta. holla at me"
Black Touch posted on Sat August 6, 2005
"You got some hot ass sh*** playa. Especially the Eclipse track. Check my sh*** out, stay up folk."
Untouchables Entertainment posted on Thu July 7, 2005
"ma team is workin on a demo... that N1 beat is sick ma mans n nem gona cut it up then we might5 through it on the tape jus wonted 2 let u no feel me ill send u the mixdown hit if there a problem fam....D.o.N...."
The Prophacy
posted on Wed August 10, 2005
"Yooo,N1 Beats & Beats365 goes hard. props"
Sample Free Productionz posted on Sat July 16, 2005
"Damn my n!gga, wow, u got the tutorialz and all, peeped the websites, peeped it all. Keep up the good work fam check out my soundclick and also my homepage www.swissivory.com Lemme know what you think.
Stay on ur grind"
DJ Swissivory
SwissIvory posted on Wed July 20, 2005
"Yea family i'm feelin ya productions...
Game recognize game, keep doin ya thang
holla at me if you ever in the go......you got chi town love
I'm a Emcee......so holla at me if you want me to blaze ya tracks up.....
Contact me through my message board...."
Ps Squad posted on Sat July 16, 2005
"Unbelieveable ISH Son. You are DEF doing it! Come check me out, I would really appreciate it, drop me a line on the MB let me know what u think, holla."
FrozeSon Productions posted on Tue July 19, 2005
"Your beats just put me in a real violent mood , im tryna write somethin to some of them free beats but all i can put down is "Stomp the f*** out your face" haha 1
14k posted on Sun July 17, 2005
"G ur beats are dope im gonna have ta rip some of em man sh***!" 1
Jackin 4 Free posted on Tue July 19, 2005
"Yo, that Violent Stomp is some evil sh!t. Love that beat. You got mad skillz. Keep up the good work!" 1 Luv!
kaspah od posted on Mon July 18, 2005